Stuttgart, Germany is home to hundreds of brothels. It was a surprise to me, living there. And though prostitution is legal in Germany and sex workers now have a number of legal protections, human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is increasingly high and difficult to prosecute. 

It wasn't until meeting Lana Packer, founder and CEO of Kainos, a nonprofit organization working to combat the human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women in Stuttgart and around the world, that I felt driven to get involved. 

The fight against human trafficking is one of dōTERRA's key initiatives and I jumped at the chance to take advantage of their Wellness Advocate Match Program. 

Through the Healing Hands Match Program we were able to raise more than $10,500 for Kainos and we received more than $5,000 worth of essential oils to gift to the women Kainos' volunteers visited in the brothels. 

Those donations went a long way in helping Kainos with their prevention and intervention programs and now as we look to the future, and particularly to the New Beginnings House and Learning Center, we see how much work we have left to do. 

As always, we are better together and YOU can help!

Join doTERRA in the fight against human trafficking!

3Strands™ Global Foundation—with the support of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®—is bringing you the PROTECT human trafficking prevention education and awareness program.

Through this program’s training activities, you’ll learn important terminology and important information that will help you to identify and report this horrible crime against humanity. These training activities also explore the “why” of human trafficking, helping you understand the complex impacts of trauma that victims experience, which helps us use a more informed approach—not just when interacting with victims of human trafficking, but also with everyone.

By the end, you’ll understand what you can do to help, where you can go to learn even more, and how you can become involved in fighting back against those who exploit the vulnerable.

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