My Essential Oil Journey

Many years ago, a girl met a boy and....wait... that's too far back. Fast forward a few years. 

The girl and boy were married and wanted to start a family. Have you been there? That was us. We tried, and tried, and TRIED. For those of you who don't know, the fun in trying really ends when you're peeing on sticks (those would be fertility test sticks, not pregnancy tests), taking your temperature, counting days, and waiting for an opening with a fertility doctor. Fast forward a little more.

I received a diagnosis of infertility, which was crushing, particularly so because it was "infertility with no known cause." All we could do was move forward with fertility treatments, which we did. I also started reading, a lot, about what could contribute to such a diagnosis, and one thing that kept coming up over and over when reading the research that others had done was related to chemical exposure. 

Now, when I say chemical exposure, please don't think guys in hazmat suits. I'm talking about chemicals that many of us are exposed to on a daily basis. 

Think people cleaning bathrooms with traditional cleaners they bought from a grocery store. Think women putting on makeup and perfume to get ready for their day. Think of mamas putting lotion on their sweet babies when they get out of the bath. Those chemicals are perhaps the most insidious because we don't often see those products as being dangerous. But as it turns out, they often are. And so, learning what I had, I cleaned house.

When I tell you that I cleaned house, what I mean is that I went through every cupboard, every shelf, every item in our kitchen and bathroom and I threw or gave away hundreds of dollars worth of product. 

My signature scent? Gone, along with all my other perfumes and cosmetics. 

All my lotions and potions? Gone! I learned how to use simple ingredients (did you know hemp oil is the least comedogenic oil available? It is, and a great face moisturizer!) in lieu of what I had been using, and learned how to easily make my own products (think creamy whipped body butters) and how and where to buy non-toxic products to completely makeover my cosmetic drawer (the Environmental Working Group is an amazing resource for this!). 

All my cleaners? Gone, I started making my own and it was both inexpensive and easy (vinegar, salt, baking soda, and essential oils).

I also worked hard to clean out my body. I began eating clean, juicing (primarily lots of greens), and making healthy fruit/veggie smoothies at the start of each day. I also spent some time eating raw, starting small and then going to a month at a time. And in the midst of all this, we were doing fertility treatments.

Fast forward again, more than three years this time, to find me having given birth to TWINS! Two short (OK, at the time they seemed long) months later, I was introduced to dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Prior to that I'd been using oils I picked up at the natural grocery stores where we lived in Germany, and had been using them only for cleaning. But now, my sweet littles each had issues for which I was stymied, and the friend of a friend said, "I may have something that can help." And they did. And I was IN. I mean, I was ALL IN. 

Using Essential Oils gave me tools for my Mama Toolbox that I never even imagined were available. My sweet boy with tummy pains and sleep issues that had sent us to a pediatric neurologist and back, seemed to be easily remedied with oil rubbed on his tummy. My darling girl who wasn't easily calmed by her mama, from whom I anguished over a lack of connection, snuggled into me and seemed to never let go after we swiped some oils on her feet.

And here we are today. We use Essential Oils in our family for many things; cleaning, mood management, sleep, digestive issues, many issues related to assisting our bodies in repair, and much more. 
I trust them, I see how they benefit us, and we wouldn't be without them. 

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