Warriors' Ascent

Providing hope and healing to Veterans and First Responders suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.
The Current Situation: 

  • American troops, from all services, have been in sustained combat in Iraq and Afghanistan longer than any period in our history.

  • This has taken a toll on our troops and their families.

  • Our first responders selflessly serve the American public, but continue to put themselves in dangerous and high stress situations.

The Challenge:
  • Suicide and depression among our veterans and first responders is at record highs.

  • 20+ veterans take their own lives each day.

  • Rates of first responder suicide are also high.

Many veterans and first responders have:

  • Sought help, but found it insufficient

  • Don’t know where to turn for help

  • Don’t feel truly understood

  • Are averse to medication or continued medication


"Warriors’ Ascent has partnered with Twig & Blossom to provide doTERRA essential oils and products to our clients in an effort to improve sleep, reduce stress, and enhance relaxation. 

Sleep quality and stress management are a major component of self-care and are critical to maintaining emotional, psychological, and physical health. 

We incorporate these products as a means to enhance sleep quality and relaxation.” 

Mike Kenny, 
Executive Director, Warriors’ Ascent

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Warriors' Ascent Saves Lives

The Warriors' Ascent Program is an immersive experience designed to empower participants to take ownership of their own healing and control of their lives by giving them the tools to heal and tend the mind, body, and soul.  

WA achieves this with a rigorous five-day curriculum that teaches healing skills, inculcates essential lifestyle habits, and builds a sense of community and belonging within our participants.

The Warriors' Ascent Program

  • Founded in 2014

  • Has served over 400 veterans and first responders across more than 35 cohorts

  • Primary Aim: help veterans and first responders recover from trauma associated with their service

  • Participants attend a 5-day retreat and engage in activities to promote psychological knowledge, insight, emotion regulation, mindfulness, and physical health

Evaluation and Outcomes

  • Established a partnership with the Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment at the University of Kansas, to develop and evaluate its curriculum

  • A recent rigorous follow-up conducted by the Cofrin Logan Center found that, on average, at follow-up: 
    • Veterans’ symptoms of PTSD were reduced at a clinically significant level
    • Veterans’ symptoms of depression were reduced from ‘moderately severe’ to ‘moderate’
    • Veterans’ hazardous drinking behavior had reduced to be within safe limits

"I use lavender and peppermint and orange the most. I find that these help with relaxation, calming and grounding for me. "


Amarillo, TX

"When I first started using oils to assist with feelings/emotions triggered by trauma I'd experienced in the military, I really didn’t think it would work.  I started with diffusing Frankincense all by itself. I soon noticed that it was  taking the edge off so I began researching more about oils. I learned to identify what issue I was having at the time and treat that specific issue. They have helped me tremendously!!"


Stuttgart, Germany


With the Twig & Blossoms community you'll get continual education on how to use essential oils.

Whether you attend in-person or online classes, a webinar or a one-on-one personal consult, if you're ready to talk about Essential Oil options to support you and your lifestyle, let us know. We'd love to help you create a personalized plan for using essential oils to help you be the best  version of you.

Warrior Strong.

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When you start your own essential oil journey with the Twig & Blossoms team, we'll donate 30% of your first order to Warriors' Ascent. This will help sponsor a Warrior who could benefit from all the Warriors' Ascent has to offer.

We know Warriors' Ascent makes a difference and this is an opportunity to give back to help those who who have given so much.

Warrior Strong.

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We want to help you get started using essential oils confidently and safely. 

When you register for your own dōTERRA customer account with team Twig & Blossoms, we'll gift you with an essential oil app for your smartphone, a personal wellness consult to address your and your family's health concerns, & continuing education so that you always know how to use your essential oils. 

 Warrior Strong.

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