Have you ever wondered if you're doing it right? 

This parenting gig is not always easy and second guessing ourselves, unfortunately, is. We mamas too often disregard our instincts, listening to the many voices out there trying to tell us what we should do, and why. I'm here to tell you, we can do better for our families. We can recenter, listen to our gut, and move in a positive direction that resonates with who we are and what we want for our families.  For me, the moment I first swiped essential oil on my kiddos' feet, I knew I'd found something special. That was a powerful moment, and gave me the confidence to be the mom I knew I could be, the mom I needed to be for my kids. 




Essential Oils Are...

Essential oils are safe to use


Essential oils are effective


doTERRA essential oils are affordable


Essential oils provide 1,000 solutions in your pocket. They allow you to take care of your family in a completely natural way. From mama problems (aches to zits and everything in between) to those big (often emotional) issues that crop up with our kiddos (both littles and bigs), essential oils offer a plethora of answers to your health and wellness needs. Not sure if they're for you?

Well here's the thing, they're for everyone. With an oil solution for almost any budget, the first step is, literally, the hardest to take. Don't worry, you're not on this journey alone. Take the survey below and check out some of the answers to the most-asked questions I get. Then contact me with any specific questions or concerns  you have. 

Are Essential Oils Right for Me?

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Still have questions? I have answers!

Once you have a bit of information and education, along with some experience,
you will more easily understand the supportive properties essential oils offer and using oils will feel much more intuitive to you. Then you'll be wondering, as I do almost daily, how you've lived without them for so long. Until then, let me be your guide. Embarking on this journey without an oil mentor is like going on a road trip without a map (or GPS). One day you'll go it on your own, but until then, let's walk this road together.