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With so many companies getting into the essential oil market, it's hard to know where to buy. Before being introduced to doTERRA, I bought oils off the shelf at a natural grocery store. Maybe you've been there, too. It's OK, it's a start.  Once I was introduced to doTERRA, though, my life changed, and my family changed, and the way I was able to parent changed. I am a different person because of my experience with these beautiful oils, and it was all because a friend introduced me to the most impactful essential oil company in the world.

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I chose to partner with doTERRA because of their truly outstanding commitment to delivering the finest quality essential oils available on the market. They ensure a quality and consistency of essential oil unlike any other company in the marketplace today. And they do it, in part, through their rigorous testing of every batch of essential oil. Every bottle of oil is pure. Guaranteed.

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At its inception, doTERRA’s founders had a vision for what they wanted their company to become. doTERRA, meaning "gift of the Earth" in Latin, was built on the mission of providing therapeutic grade essential oils to the world. They established a standard of quality in a market where previously no standard had existed and it transformed the marketplace. doTERRA's founders were dedicated to their passion and vision. They devoted themselves to hard work, commitment, respect and kindness, as well as an unwavering commitment to quality. This is the doTERRA difference. 

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doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation channels resources directly into programs that make a positive social impact such as Days for Girls, Operation Underground Railroad, and many others. 

In countries where they source essential oils, doTERRA partners with groups like Choice Humanitarian to build local infrastructure that meets the needs of the local people. Every time you purchase a bottle from doTERRA you are lifting a community.  

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