About Me

Hi Friends!!

I'm so glad you found me!! Wait, we haven't met yet? Ahh, let me get to the introductions.

My name is Andrea Manus. I'm a Social Worker (retired my clinical license to stay home with my sweet babies) Mama of twins (yes, thank you, my hands ARE full). And I'm an oily Mama. I mean, a REALLY oily Mama!! 

I'm also a Platinum leader in doTERRA and I've built my business helping men and women find ways to be more natural (read: chemical free) in their everyday lives. I love working with mamas, helping them to parent more positively and effectively by using a mix of Essential Oils and behavior modifications to effect positive changes in both them and their children.  

I love to garden, travel, eat good food and pretend the clean laundry might one day actually fold itself (if your laundry already does this, please let me know!). 

I believe that we Mamas are better together, so if you're here looking for a place to find support in your Mama journey, information on how to live a more simple and natural life with your kiddos, or just a place to  learn about Essential Oils and how they can fit in your life, this is the community for you and I'm excited to have you join me!

Please take a few minutes to look around and shoot me a note if you have any questions. Then join me on Facebook and Instagram to be a part of our daily conversations about natural living, gentle parenting and Essential Oils. It really does take a village and I'd love to be a part of yours. 
With lots of oily love,